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Medium Term Plans for the summer term

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you have all had a fabulous Easter and break. I cannot believe the summer term has already arrived and what a fun packed one it is too!

Our topic this term is ‘Rivers, mountains and coasts!’ If you have any resources or books that you feel would support with our topic this term and you are willing to bring them in then please do so, it would be very much appreciated. Here is an overview of the planning: MTP SUMMER 16 owl class

Through geography we will be focussing on our topic of ‘rivers, mountains and coasts’ which will link with other areas within the curriculum including science, art/DT and computing.

As geographers, we are going to investigate the structure of the earth and locate places on a map, understand the features of a mountain and explain how mountains are formed. We are going to explore what a glacier is and their impact on the landscape. We are going to research the water cycle, including water use. We are going to identify world weather patterns. We will be identifying features of rivers and research and present information about well-known world rivers. We will be exploring the term coast, applying to personal experience and explore the factors which effect the coastal environment. We will be exploring different coastlines and the main features and land uses of a coast. We will be discovering how a coast can be developed and the positives and points to consider.

As writers, we are going to look at the work of Dr Zeus including his-well known narrative, The Lorax. We will be using the film of The Lorax alongside the book to explore the environment and environmental changes to create a range of fiction and non-fiction writing including non-chronological reports and newspaper reports.

As mathematicians, we are going to be carrying out tasks and solving mathematical problems using symbols, words and diagrams. We will be exploring place value to multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and will be using all four operations with decimals to two places. We will be exploring fractions and how to simplify and solve simple problems involving ratio and direct proportion. We will be learning how to use appropriate non-calculator methods for solving problems that involve adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing any three-digit number by any two-digit numbers. Finally we will be interpreting coordinates in all four quadrants and exploring how to draw angles to the nearest degree. We will be finding the area and perimeter of a range of shapes and identifying symmetries of 2-D shapes. We will be finding the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data and interpreting graphs and diagrams and draw conclusions.

As scientists, we are going to focus on earth and space, exploring the shape of the earth, sizes and distances, directions, the sun, day and night, shadows, the angle of the sun, star light, star patterns, the earth and time, the seasons, the earths tilt, solar eclipse and the moon and its shape.

As artists, we are going to be learning about the concept of Environmental Art and its features through Andy’s Goldsworthy work, exploring why his Art is called the Art of Mathematic. We will be researching, investigating and selecting information using ICT about Andy Goldsworthy and comparing his work with nature, different landscapes and natural forms. We will be designing and developing environmental Art related to a particular landscape. We will be exploring and selecting materials, forms and composition explaining choices. We will be using technical knowledge and creativity in order to make/create our own Environmental Art.

As design technologists, we are going to be exploring, creating, developing and evaluating our own architectural structures using past and present architectures and designs.

In French, we are going to be exploring numbers, developing conversations, understanding different designations and names within the family tree. We will be using drama to develop French vocabulary aurally, We will be investigating the French vocabulary and organising a French market using ICT and group work and we will be performing a role play using French vocabulary.

Within PE, we are going to be exploring athletics and cricket with Garboldisham Cricket Club.

As musicians, we are going to continue to learn to play the clarinet and we will be exploring, creating and developing musical pieces for our geography unit, ‘rivers, mountains and coasts’ theme.

In RE, we are going to be learning about Christianity.

The teaching of computing will be taught throughout the curriculum and within computing sessions we will be becoming cryptographers.

PE sessions will be on a Monday and a Wednesday so please ensure your child brings his/her PE kit in on Monday and returns it home Friday. The timetable may change and therefore it is essential that the PE kit is in school for the whole week.

If you have any queries, concerns or questions please do not hesitate to speak to me at the end of the school day.

Kind Regards,

Mrs J Tomkinson

Owl Class Teacher

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