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Learning Council

All about Learning Council

4th September, 2015

The Learning Council is made up from pupils from all our classes.

Once every half term, we meet to discuss what is happening in our lessons, what we are enjoying and what we would like to change.

At the beginning of the Spring term, Learning Council discussed what they have been learning about in each class.

Owls have been enjoying reading Wonder and learning how discrimination must feel.

Badgers are enjoying division and multiplication in maths and are loving learning about the Greeks.

Squirrels are enjoying their independence during maths and loving learning about great explorers.

Learning Council Survey

28th February, 2020

At the end of the Autumn term, the learning council asked the pupils in their year some questions about their learning. These are the results:

What makes it easy to learn in class?

  • When we have fun activities
  • When its quiet

What do you do if you find your work difficult?

  • Ask the teacher
  • Have a try
  • Ask my friend

Learning Council

31st October, 2019

The Learning Council met on the 14th October to discuss what it means to be part of the Learning Council team.

We discussed what they had been learning about, what makes learning difficult and what can help support them to achieve their learning objectives.

The learning Council agreed to survey the pupils in their class to identify any areas of learning that could be improved along with any activities they feel support their best learning outcomes.

Learning Council

11th June, 2019

Learning council had a meeting to review their achievements this year ~ what a busy year we have had!

Date of meeting: Wednesday 5th June

Discussion points:

Review of learning council this year ~ what have we achieved?

  • We carried out whole school learning pupil perceptions ~ as a result we got new dictionaries in Key Stage Two; new whiteboards and pens in Key Stage One; EYFS children are given more thinking tasks/ time; there are more creative/ practical sessions in Key Stage Two; we have more reading books; some lessons are longer in Key Stage Two ~ we couldn’t make longer school days!
  • We suggested, planned and organised the book swap table which was a success ~ we are going to run this again this half term
  • We helped to plan how the new outdoor learning space will be used
  • Following some learning feedback form our classes; we wrote to classteachers and there is now more focus on multiplication and division in maths meetings
  • We have regularly given feedback on our learning in classes


  • Set date for book swap table this half term and send out flyer

Pupil Parliament News

27th March, 2019

Pupil Parliament

Meeting: 27.03.19

  1. The Pupil Parliament met today to discuss the Pupil Parliament awards and certificates.
  2. The Worship Council representative explained to the Pupil Parliament that they would continue to use the new prayer signs for a trial period.
  3. The JRSO’s talked about making road safety sheets for younger children
  4. The Learning Council have written a sheet for teachers and pupils with division calculations plus making a ‘Don’t watch the clock’ poster. They also discussed Football issues.
  5. The IT Ambassadors felt that people were being very safe with the M challenge and will check that everybody knows how to keep safe. Mrs Parr will raise this with staff at the briefing.
  6. In the School Council, the children have suggested that the Friendship Stop is changed from its’ current position (too close to the Badger football pitch) to the circular bench – awaiting delivery. Football has been an issue at playtimes with both pitches being used. The Pupil Parliament has agreed to start a Football Free Fridays scheme to encourage children to play different games. Mrs Parr explained that the school had purchased replacement outside equipment for the gum trail and new playground markings to create a Keep Fit circuit.
  7. Our JRSO’s competition to design a checklist to keep safe on the roads – different for different years.
  8. Next meeting: Football – feedback from the Football Free Friday’s scheme.

Book Swap Table

8th March, 2019

The book swap table was a great success this breaktime. Well done learning council for running this!

Book Swap

Learning Council Meeting

28th February, 2019

We had a very productive learning council meeting today. Below are the notes from our meeting.

Discussion points

  • Pupil perceptions ~ thank you for completing these – the results are with the teachers
  • Book swap table ~ will happen next Friday playtime ~ will send a letter about this tomorrow
  • Outdoor learning space ~ could be used for reading, could have whiteboard work, could practise counting, sorting with natural resources, science, art, could be used by all of the school ~ would be good to have benches so we can draw and write stories

Learning Feedback

  • Owls ~ using clay in art and copying the face masks, maths ~ learning about algebra, making newspapers in exciting writing, science ~ doing an ice experiment
  • Badgers ~ English ~ writing a report about the Mayans, topic, science ~ learning about fossils
  • Squirrels ~ maths ~ different ways to make numbers, English ~ learning a story about making pancakes, it’s based in Kenya


  • Need to send a letter to parents about the book swap table and tell the children in assembly
  • Do the book swap table on World Book Day

Here is the general learning pupil perception carried out by the learning council.

General learning pupil perceptions February 2019


Learning council meeting

12th February, 2019

Here are the notes from the learning council meeting on Thursday 7th February.

Discussion points

  • Letter requesting more calculation practise has been sent to classteachers and teachers have responded to say they will include more practise in their maths meeting ~ thank you for the feedback
  • Pupil perceptions ~ questions have been written ~ discussed how we will carry these out
  • Book swap table ~ should we run one of these on World Book Day? Yes!



  • We now need to carry out the pupil perceptions
  • Make a learning/ motivational poster competition and choose an assembly to share this with the rest of the school
  • Need to send a letter to parents about the book swap table and tell the children in assembly

Homework Assembly

18th December, 2018

Fantastic way to start the assembly with the Badger Class (under Mr Moulton’s direction) playing two Christmas songs. An incredible response to the Homework challenges set by each class. Themes: Owls – WW2; Badgers – Romans; Squirrels – Ourselves and Rabbits – Christmas Traditions. Thank you to everybody for supporting the children. We had bakes, builds, designs, letters, photos and crafts.

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