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Pupil Parliament is a group that involves representatives from the other school councils.

This is the page for news from the Junior Road Safety Officers

Online Ambassadors

10th November, 2015

Our council helps everyone be online more safely

All about the Eco Council

6th November, 2015

Eco council tries to help everyone make small changes to help protect our environment.

All about School Council

5th November, 2015

This is what the School Council is all about

All about Learning Council

4th September, 2015

The Learning Council is made up from pupils from all our classes.

Once every half term, we meet to discuss what is happening in our lessons, what we are enjoying and what we would like to change.

Pupil Parliament Meeting: 02.10.19

1. The Pupil Parliament met today to discuss the Pupil Parliament awards and certificates.

2. The Pupil Parliament were welcomed by Mrs Parr.

3. The clerk will write to the MP, Mr Hancock, to invite him to talk to the Pupil Parliament.

4. Football: Suggestions to resolve the issues included – a timetable; two days a week; bibs; staff to select the teams; no bib, no football; keep a team for the week. All agreed that we needed to reconcile the Badger and Owl classes.

5. Next meeting: Football – feedback from the Football Free Friday’s scheme.

News from the Worship Council

26th September, 2019

Meeting: 26.09.19 1. The council introduced themselves. 2. The Worship Council discussed the role of the council:  Certificates  Encouraging good behaviour  Worship songs  Prayers. 3. Worship Council members have elected a Y6 to the Pupil Parliament. 4. The Worship Council wrote certificates for the next Celebration Assembly.

Hurray for Harkirat!

26th September, 2019

We are very excited to welcome our friend Harkirat Singh from the Leicester Sikh Education Service to the school this afternoon.

Eco Council

18th September, 2019

Eco Council Meeting: 15.09.19 Item:  We established our aim: to help the environment around the school.  We talked about the impact of throwing away rubbish, especially plastic, and the destruction of the rainforests.  The council decided to host a Cake Sale to raise funds for an eco space in school.  Next meeting – Feedback from the Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament

22nd July, 2019

The Pupil Parliament met for the last time today and reflected on the successful year. The children all realised that they had achieved a great deal for the school and were proud of their accomplishments. They also recognised that, despite their intial fears, they had all grown in confidence as leaders and had enjoyed the responsibility.

Please read our reflections on the value of Thankfulness. This has been our focus for this half term.


Worship Council

5th July, 2019

Meeting: 05.07.19

  1. The council prayed for the school.
  2. The Worship Council discussed the changes that they had noticed in the school this year:People are being kind when they are hurt and play with people on their own;Noticed that if people are upset and asking ‘Are they ok?’ and if they are not then they get a teacher;
  3. People saying ‘Sorry’ after they have been arguing;
  4. People are playing more games without arguing;
  5. Worship Council members said that they felt: ‘Happy’; ‘They had changed and were playing with a bigger circle of friends’; ‘Looking out for others’ and ‘Felt proud’.

Sun Safety!

30th June, 2019

The School Council met with Mrs Parr last week to propose a few outdoor criteria for the sunny days ahead.

They proposed:

  • Children wear a named hat outside, or a spare hat from the box in school
  • Remind children to drink lots of water
  • Put sunscreen on before you come to school
  • Please don’t wear sunglasses as they may get broken and could be dangerous
  • Could we possibly have the gazebos out for shade when it is hot? Reading/drawing area
  • MDSA’s to have a water jug and cups especially on the field
  • Could we have packed lunches out side?
  • Litter picking monitors in each class, changed weekly, to wear a green band or high viz jacket and make sure the playground and field are tidy every Friday
  • Could we possibly have the circus skills box outside in a coned off area?

Mrs Parr was very impressed with the School Councils ideas and has passed on these proposals to Mrs Griffin and the MDSA’s

Eco Council

13th June, 2019

Eco Council

Meeting: 13.06.19

Reflections on our achievements this year:

  • Posters regarding litter have been successful and members of the Eco Council have noticed less litter since then
  • The cake sale raised money to purchase plants which have made the front flower beds look more attractive to insects and visitors
  • Planting around the school looks better
  • Taps are running less – but need to be monitored
  • Plastic Club with Mrs Jackson was very successful and the Eco Council want to thank her for running this
  • Everybody felt that they had enjoyed being on the council and could see the effect of their work. They were proud of their achievements and were pleased that they had represented their class.
  • Next meeting – Feedback from the Pupil Parliament

Learning Council

11th June, 2019

Learning council had a meeting to review their achievements this year ~ what a busy year we have had!

Date of meeting: Wednesday 5th June

Discussion points:

Review of learning council this year ~ what have we achieved?

  • We carried out whole school learning pupil perceptions ~ as a result we got new dictionaries in Key Stage Two; new whiteboards and pens in Key Stage One; EYFS children are given more thinking tasks/ time; there are more creative/ practical sessions in Key Stage Two; we have more reading books; some lessons are longer in Key Stage Two ~ we couldn’t make longer school days!
  • We suggested, planned and organised the book swap table which was a success ~ we are going to run this again this half term
  • We helped to plan how the new outdoor learning space will be used
  • Following some learning feedback form our classes; we wrote to classteachers and there is now more focus on multiplication and division in maths meetings
  • We have regularly given feedback on our learning in classes


  • Set date for book swap table this half term and send out flyer

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