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All about School Council

5th November, 2015

This is what the School Council is all about

School Eco Council

28th November, 2019


Meeting of the School Eco Council – Mrs Fairlie


  1. Rechargeable white board pens

The council would like to ask all teachers if they could purchase the small whiteboard pens that can be recharged along with the plastic pots of ink to save throwing away the plastic pens when they run out of ink, which they frequently do.

2.Recycle plastic pens

A scheme has been found that allows plastic pens such as white board pens, handwriting  pens and felt tip pens to be recycled.  The Council would like each classroom to have a box where old pens are placed and have decided to create a child friendly poster for each classroom to remind adults and pupils what can be recycled.  The boxes will be emptied termly and taken to the recycling point in Bury st Edmunds.

3.The council would like to run an assembly on the importance of littler and being mindful of throwing away and recycling correctly.  They queried the bins in the playground and if they were being used correctly. Assembly to be run in the new year.

How safe do we feel?

15th October, 2019

Mrs Parr talked to children from Y1 to Y6 about how they kept safe and how they felt in school and at home. Please read their responses.

Sun Safety!

30th June, 2019

The School Council met with Mrs Parr last week to propose a few outdoor criteria for the sunny days ahead.

They proposed:

  • Children wear a named hat outside, or a spare hat from the box in school
  • Remind children to drink lots of water
  • Put sunscreen on before you come to school
  • Please don’t wear sunglasses as they may get broken and could be dangerous
  • Could we possibly have the gazebos out for shade when it is hot? Reading/drawing area
  • MDSA’s to have a water jug and cups especially on the field
  • Could we have packed lunches out side?
  • Litter picking monitors in each class, changed weekly, to wear a green band or high viz jacket and make sure the playground and field are tidy every Friday
  • Could we possibly have the circus skills box outside in a coned off area?

Mrs Parr was very impressed with the School Councils ideas and has passed on these proposals to Mrs Griffin and the MDSA’s

Pupil Parliament News

27th March, 2019

Pupil Parliament

Meeting: 27.03.19

  1. The Pupil Parliament met today to discuss the Pupil Parliament awards and certificates.
  2. The Worship Council representative explained to the Pupil Parliament that they would continue to use the new prayer signs for a trial period.
  3. The JRSO’s talked about making road safety sheets for younger children
  4. The Learning Council have written a sheet for teachers and pupils with division calculations plus making a ‘Don’t watch the clock’ poster. They also discussed Football issues.
  5. The IT Ambassadors felt that people were being very safe with the M challenge and will check that everybody knows how to keep safe. Mrs Parr will raise this with staff at the briefing.
  6. In the School Council, the children have suggested that the Friendship Stop is changed from its’ current position (too close to the Badger football pitch) to the circular bench – awaiting delivery. Football has been an issue at playtimes with both pitches being used. The Pupil Parliament has agreed to start a Football Free Fridays scheme to encourage children to play different games. Mrs Parr explained that the school had purchased replacement outside equipment for the gum trail and new playground markings to create a Keep Fit circuit.
  7. Our JRSO’s competition to design a checklist to keep safe on the roads – different for different years.
  8. Next meeting: Football – feedback from the Football Free Friday’s scheme.


20th March, 2019

School Council are pleased to announce the winner of the Save our Toilets competition.  Congratulations Archie.IMG_3186

School Council Meeting

22nd January, 2019

The School Council met on Friday 18th January and were asked to bring with them one suggestion to improve the school.

Such great suggestions as always and some have already begun to be implemented.School Council minutes 180119

Christmas Fayre

27th November, 2018

The Christmas Fayre is fast approaching and the School Council have been busy meeting together to write a Christmas Quiz.

The Christmas Quiz will be available at the Fayre for just 50p.  They are hoping to raise money towards the new lap tops.

Competition Winner:

Ball Games Poster

25.04.18 Today the School Council met to choose our competition winner. They were really pleased with all the wonderful entries and found it a difficult decision. In the end they based their decision on three factors; a poster that was bright and colourful, one that didn’t have too much writing and one that mentioned both keeping the ball away from the car park and the flowers. A big well done to the Y1 child who won and thank you to everyone who entered. The poster will be placed around the play ground, look out for it!

School Council Meeting:

The School Council (27.03.18) met today and discussed how the flowers ouside are getting damaged by the football, they have invited the children to design a poster, the winning poster will be displayed outside and each child will receive a small prize. The closing date for entries is Thursday 19th April.
Save Our Flowers competition

Today (24.01.18) the School Council discussed lessons – planning and styles. They are writing a questionnaire to ask the children what they like about their lessons. This will be shared before half term

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