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5th November, 2015

This is what the School Council is all about

The first School Council of this school year met today and discussed the following topics:

  • Choir – can we re-instate please?
  • Toilets – Cleanliness; taps left running and a broken tap in the boys’ toilet
  • Playtimes – playing safely on the equipment on the field
  • School Council suggestion boxes in each classroom.

School council met today and we discussed questionnaires which we had sent out to classes.

The questionnaire was titled: How to make the school a better place? These are the results that we found.

  1. A majority of children did not like the play fighting that takes place in school, so we suggested that there could perhaps be a karate club to prevent there being so much anger at playtime. We also felt that there could be a sign of what kind of play is appropriate.
  2. Most children felt that kindness in the school is good, but this could be improved further. We should make better use of the friendship stop, maybe have a new bench or a bigger banner. This is something that we could fundraise for.
  3. A majority of children said that they wanted their classroom to be quieter. We feel that there could be better clearer rules and consequences for behaviour.
  4. A few children felt that the classrooms need to be tidier. We suggested having a ‘tidy up time’ after each lesson for children rather than the adults tidying.

At our next meeting we plan to go around the school and look at the tidiness and what could be done to improve it.


  • Why do we meet as a council?


  • To choose activities at meetings.
  • To keep the school running.
  • To keep the school safe.
  • What is our focus?


  • Behaviour at lunchtimes and playtimes.
  • What can we think to improve lunchtimes and playtimes?


  • Good if you play with the right people.
  • Some people don’t make the right choices.
  • Think about what you are playing.
  • Take hurt people to First Aid.
  • Football helps some people.
  • Encouraging people to play with you.
  • Hide and seek.
  • If you see people looking lonely you could include them.
  • If we carried out a pupil questionnaire, what could we ask?


  • What different activities do you like? Do? Suggestions?
  • Do you like playtimes?
  • Do you enjoy the fruit and snack at playtimes?

The council agreed to draw up the questions and ask the children in school next half term.

school council

We had our first meeting yesterday. Decision One was to decide which council member was to be connected to which class and then  act as their supporter. Then we reflected on our achievements last year – and the Morning Munch and buying i-pads were voted as our most popular ideas.

The school council felt really listened to by Mrs T (and a bit by Mrs W) and wanted to thank her for her care. The council have decided that everybody in the school should feel listened to – and that would be their focus for this year. Every class has a School Council Sugestion Box – and we need to tell every one to use them! 29.09.15

Our first task will be to elect a new School Council as quickly as possible. Then we can ask each class what they think are the main issues to be discussed this year.

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