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Medium Term Plans Summer Term (Second Half) 2015

Squirrel Class Parent Newsletter Summer Term 2015

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In the squirrel class we have been very very busy with our learning across the curriculum.

Castles and Knights

Our topic this term is Castles and Knights, we have been learning about William the conqueror and the Battle of Hastings. The Normans introduced castles to England, we know all about the different parts of a castle and their uses. We have been learning about castles in the local area and we are very excited to be visiting one next half term! We have also learned about knights, in Design and Technology we made our own shields with a coat of arms on them that we designed! We also tried on some chain mail, and had a go at holding it, we couldn’t believe how heavy it was!

We have also been developing our chronological understanding through this history topic. We made a historical timeline to show the history of Britain, this helped us to understand when the Normans ruled.


In PE we have been working in pairs to perform balances together. We thought carefully about the balances we could do, and how we could use our partners to support us.


In our class we have phonics every day. Phonics helps us to learn to read, and helps is with our spellings. Our phonics lessons are split into four parts; revisit, teach, practice and apply. This means that each day we revisit a sound that we have learned previously, before learning a new sound and applying it to our reading and writing. We are learning a lot of alternative sounds, here are some photographs of us applying our phonics in our writing.


What a busy start to the term we have had in the Squirrel Class. In maths we have been learning to tell the time and look how much fun it was! We drew a huge clock on the playground and took it in turns to be the hands of the clock. This really helped us to understand the difference between the minute and the hour hand (only the tallest children could be the minute hand!) and where they go on a clock.


Our topic this term is Around the World and for the last three weeks we have been learning all about Italy. This week we made pizza, one of the most well-known Italian foods! Mrs Chapman showed us how to make the dough, then we had to add our tomato purée and choose our toppings. But the best part was getting to take them home and eat them, yum!

Here are some of the children’s comments:

‘My pizza was delicious’

‘I think I’m going to try some peppers on my pizza’

‘Is this how they make pizza in Italy?’

‘I love cooking at school, it’s my favourite!’

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