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School Inspections – a guide for parents

The School is regularly inspected by Ofsted.

The latest inspection (October 2013) is available here

The School has now received the report from the recent OFSTED Inspection. The Inspector, Catherine Kiff, identified a number of strengths, including:

  • children from a variety of pre-school provisions settle quickly and confidently into school life
  • pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) make good progress
  • the outdoor area is well used by all EYFS children, and teaching staff work skilfully alongside children there to develop their learning
  • pupils at the end of Year 4 have above average attainment in reading, writing and mathematics
  • pupils can expect to reach above average standards by the end of Year 6
  • the most able pupils have high levels of achievement throughout the school
  • good, well organised provision for pupils who are disabled and have special needs
  • good relationships between staff and pupils enable the majority of pupils to feel confident and develop good learning attitudes
  • teachers and skilled teaching assistants, who enjoy a good working partnership
  • high levels of enjoyment and attendance among pupils
  • an effective and supportive governing body, which has worked with senior leaders to address some areas of underperformance and started to move the school forward
  • a safe environment in the school, with robust safeguarding systems
  • good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, which promotes good behaviour and attitudes to learning throughout the school
  • a wide range of clubs, including a breakfast club, lunchtime and after-school clubs
  • strong links with the local community and church.

The school has successfully addressed a number of issues raised in the last inspection in February 2012:

    • pupils’ handwriting and presentation have improved
    • teaching assistants are trained and deployed effectively by class teachers
    • the school is now meeting the needs of its more able pupils
    • the governing body supports the head teacher in challenging underperforming teaching, so that the school has more good teaching.

Text Box: ‘Pupils have positive attitudes and are eager to learn. They cooperate and work well together … their behaviour is often exemplary … pupils of all ages say that they enjoy being together and they think their school is a happy place to be … Pupils say they feel safe at school. They appreciate the way that the teachers respond quickly to any concerns, which makes them feel confident to try new experiences.’

However the overall assessment is that the school Requires Improvement. This requires the school to improve the quality of teaching for less-able pupils, to improve teaching to ensure that pupils make enough progress at Key Stage 1 (KS1) and to ensure that the newly appointed senior leadership team is working more effectively to improve standards.

This is what we are going to do to bring about the required improvements, with immediate effect

  • improve the teaching where necessary by Christmas
  • ensure that the senior leadership team become more responsible and accountable for the quality of teaching and learning across the school
  • ensure that senior leaders monitor pupils’ work across the school so that marking is consistent and pupils make progress
  • focus on the teaching and learning of less-able pupils through targeted lesson planning, lesson observation and regular examination of pupils’ written work
  • ensure that pupils make more progress across the curriculum in KS1
  • enable consistently good teaching to become outstanding by providing more opportunities for teachers to improve their practice.

As you can imagine, the staff and governing body have found the OFSTED Inspection challenging, but we are determined to use it to raise the standards of teaching and learning across the whole school.  I hope that together- staff, governors, parents and carers we can continue to develop Barningham CEVC School into an outstanding educational setting for all of our children. Should you have any particular concerns that you wish to raise from the report, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Frances Parr                                 Mrs Elizabeth Hall

National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report

Church Schools are also inspected to establish:

  • The distinctiveness and effectiveness of the School as a Church of England school
  • How well the school meets the needs of all learners, through its distinctive Christian character
  • The impact of Collective Worship on the school community
  • The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school

Download the 2012 report

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