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Each year we publish an Impact Report to show how we used the government grant to develop PE within the school, and show our proposed spend for this year. The figure does not include the proposed increased amount as this has not been verified yet:

PE and Sports Premium – Spending Impact 2016 – 2017

PE and Sports Premium – Proposed Budget 2017 – 2018

Please find attached a copy of our PE Grant spending and how we use it to support your child:

Copy of PE Grant 16 17

This term our Y3 and Y4 pupils have swimming lessons at RAF Honington. Every child also receives a high-quality PE lesson led by either the Schools Sports Co-ordinator (SSCo) or Premier Sports. This summer term our Y5 and Y6 children will be receiving Leadership Training to develop skills, confidence and expertise. We hope to take part in organised games at Thurston Community College.

Here is a copy of how we used of the PE Grant to support your child last year. All children are accessing our PE lessons.

Copy of PE Grant 15 16(6071262)

Barningham CEVC Primary School: Spending of PE Budget: 2015 – 2016.

Teachers have received quality training through the SSCO and Premier Sport coaches – developing and refining the professional skills and knowledge – and this will continue over the year. We anticipate that this year we will receive approximately £8400, which will be spent in promoting Quality First Teaching (QFT) across a range of sports for every child. Teachers observe lessons, learning new skills and developing their own confidence to lead lessons. We acknowledge that often children can excel in a sport when they might struggle with more academic subjects, setting personal goals and targets and enhancing their sense of self-worth and confidence. We know that through team sports, children will develop personal and social skills, including resilience, responsibility and shared ownership. Children can also build on their mathematical (position, colour, number) and literacy skills (speaking & listening, discussing, reflecting, providing instructions) through sport. Our children are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise.

As a school, we aim to offer a range of activities – meeting the varied needs of each individual child – as well as reflecting the rich variety of sports available. In October, we had a specialist dance teacher to teach each class the Haka dance as part of the Rugby World Cup celebrations. After school football, tag rugby and boxercise clubs are well supported and attended by children across the school. These clubs are provided by Premier Sports and Schools Sports Partnership (SSCo) trained coaches. There is a lively, often very successful mixed KS2 Football Team, which plays regularly against local schools – organised by parents and carers, and refereed by the Head Teacher.

In the summer term we hold a Sports Day, with competitive events on track and field between the four house groups. Cups and medals are awarded and all pupils participate in at least two events.

A PE questionnaire in spring 2015 showed a high percentage of children who enjoyed participating in sports. Our after school football team and tag rugby appealed to several children who do not normally take part, including several girls and an SEND child. We anticipate that the proposed cost of coaches and trainers, will be £6100. The cost of the SSCo Membership and Silver PE Package is £750. This gives the school access to inter-school sports activities and events, as well as staff training. All children are active in Sports’ Day and the inter-school activities.


Autumn 1 2016Y2+ Multiskills

Y4+ School Football Team

Y2+ Football







Football team is mixed gender

Includes Pupil Premium children

Autumn 1 2016Y5 & Y6 Code Club

Y2+ Film Club





Includes Pupil Premium children
Autumn 2 2016Y2+ Dodgeball144Includes Pupil Premium children
Autumn 2 2016Y2+ Football141Includes Pupil Premium children
Spring 1 2017EYFS+ Splat!

Y2+ Dodgeball

Y2+ Gymnastics

Y5 & Y6 Code Club









Includes Pupil Premium children
Spring 2 2016Y2+ Football111Includes Pupil Premium children
Spring 2 2016EYFS+ Splat!108Includes Pupil Premium children
Summer 1 2017YEYFS – Y2


Summer 1 2017Y2+ Athletics
Summer 2017Y4+ Code Club57Includes Pupil Premium children

well as staff training. All children are active in Sports’ Day and the inter-school activities.

Impact: The level of confidence, engagement, skills and knowledge for teachers and pupils has increased over the past years – with PE remaining as core element of the curriculum, especially in EYFS.

As the year progresses, we will look to provide new and exciting sports, including archery and gymnastics.

Download report on Action Plan for PE and Sport

Sport plays a very important part in the life of the school.  We are fortunate to have a large playing field alongside the school and good use is made of this for various sports. It is also an ideal venue for our annual Sports Day. We also have two playgrounds with hard surfaces. There is a range of good outdoor climbing equipment.

The school is part of the 21st Century Olympic Legacy Be the Best you Can! This is a scheme designed to inspire children to reach their goals by meeting an Olympic champion and then setting targets and small steps for achievement.

The classes enjoy 2 hours a week of Physical Education (PE).  The PE Curriculum has a number of areas which must be covered in a primary school: athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, outdoor activities (Key Stage 2) and swimming (Key Stage 2). Lessons are based on a half-term unit. There is a core task. Progression is planned and assessed on a weekly basis. We recognise that PE is an integral part of the curriculum from the Early Years through to Y6. We identify our Gifted and Talented children. As part of the Thurston Partnership, we take part in inter-school events in a number of sports and across the ages.

Children are taught to warm up their bodies before starting any exercise and how to warm down at the end. Healthy lifestyles, including diet, personal health, hygiene, safety in using tools and biology are integral to a well-planned lesson. We understand the development of a healthy lifestyle and the link to better mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Children learn through  practical physical activities and teachers use PE to consolidate social skills (team-working), mathematics (vocabulary of longer, shorter, etc), self-esteem and well-being (praise, achievement and success). Each child is encouraged to reflect on their work and challenge themselves to fulfil their potential. There is a PE Policy and a Physical Activity Policy which expands these and other curriculum links.

The school has used the Government Sports Grant towards employing specialist PE coaches: to teach gymnastics, athletics and multi-skills across the school, plus the new emphasis on healthy lifestyles in KS2.

Lunchtime school clubs include table tennis (run by a parent governor) and speed-stacking (not all of the year). Skipping ropes and hula hoops are available at lunchtimes and playtimes. There are two football goals, a basketball hoop and two netball posts for the children to use. Sports are competitive but very sociable opportunities to meet other children and develop new friendships.

After-school clubs are led by the Schools Sports Partnership Coordinator (SSCO) and activities have included dance, jazz-exercise, tag-rugby and archery. Premier Sport also lead a lunchtime multi-skills or basketball club and an after school football club.

Our oldest children visit the Kingswood Outdoor Activity Centre in West Runton, Norfolk. All Key Stage 2 children have swimming lessons at RAF Honington in the summer term. Our oldest children have the opportunity to complete the cycle proficiency award with the Suffolk School Safe Team. The Key Stage 2 children complete the Junior Leadership Course in the autumn term with their class teachers.
The school has used the grant from the government to provide high quality teaching by specialist coaches (£4243) and equipment for the outside area to promote healthy exercise at play and lunch times (£3992). The remaining grant purchased Sports Day stickers and goal keeper gloves.

Here is our Action Plan for PE at our school. We have outlined the ways in which we will develop the teaching and learning of all aspects of PE throughout the school.

Here are the results of a questionnaire to gather pupil’s peceptions of PE

Reflection and Impact of PE Budget: July 2015.

As a school, we pride ourselves on the quality of PE provision at Barningham CEVC. Teachers have received quality training through the SSCO and Premier Sport coaches – developing and refining the professional skills and knowledge. One teacher received training to lead Orienteering for UKS2 and we have purchased the equipment using the Sainsbury’s Vouchers. We acknowledge the importance of PE on all aspects of a child’s development – physical, social, moral, spiritual and emotional. From the youngest children to the Y6, we try to create a PE curriculum which helps each child adopt and develop a healthy lifestyle. We teach food nutrition and diet and the school nurse checks on weight and height. There are opportunities for children to reflect and be still – developing good habits for mental health. Through competitive sports we are building on skills, leadership, team-building and resilience and all children have taken part in these sports events. By offering a range of sports, we aim to encourage every child to discover ways of keeping fit and healthy. The school received a total of £8350 – which we overspent by £106.12.

This year all of the children have been engaged in a number of sports – including tag rugby, gymnastics, dance, football and cycling. The PE grant has helped the school to employ trained coaches to work alongside the class teachers, extending their skills and knowledge. Lunchtime and After School Clubs offer specialist coaches for the children. All pupils participate in two PE lessons a week.

PE money was used to purchase resources such as medals for Sports’ Day – in which every pupil participates for their house in at least three events – and a parachute for our EYFS pupils – developing confidence, PSHCE and motor skills (as well as having fun) – as the EYFS class teacher had identified that the children needed more opportunities to . We have taken groups of children to participate in Inter School Competitions across the years, with every child participating. All of our Y3 and 4 pupils had a term of swimming coaching at RAF Honington Pool – making great progress and learning swimming techniques and basic life guarding skills.

All of our KS2 children have also had the opportunity to work with a World Champion BMX rider, learn to race bikes on a grass track and take part in the Cycle Proficiency Award Scheme – and enjoyed the experience. Parents comment on the way in which children used their skills when cycling to and from school. Travel Plan monitors how children come to school and this is an objective in raising sustainability and healthy exercise.

A Pupil Perception Questionnaire in January 2015 found that across the school children enjoyed PE – most pupils stating that they liked it because it was fun and active. ‘The best!’ was one child’s reply. One child even aspired to be in the Olympics one day – what more can we say?



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