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Maths – Pupil Perception Interviews – January 2016


Last week pupils from Years 1-6 met with me to share their thoughts about Maths in the school. Their feedback was varied, interesting and positive and this will be used to help shape Maths at Barningham in the future.

Here are some of their thoughts:

When asked what they really enjoyed about Maths:

Adding, multiplication, staying on the carpet and doing maths, songs, little white boards, times tables in book, taking away, number work, clocks, partitioning, calendar, encouraged to be neat and work on presentation, challenging myself, subtracting, the equipment everything!

When asked what they found a challenge in Maths:

Adding, nothing, times tables, telling the time, sharing and grouping, division, subtraction, word problems, super spicy problems, problem solving, fractions, square numbers, decimals.

As you can see both of these questions covered just about everything!

What does Maths mean to you:

You have to think, clumsy muddled up, tiny bit hard, confusing, I really like it, fun, clever, numbers, using money, a good job and university, important and fun, sums, challenging, high expectations. ( I liked this one, we expect this of all children at Barningham)

What helps you with your Maths:

Times by 10, Base 10 and 1, ask a teacher before I freeze, using fingers, the games on a tablet, working it out in my head, parents, teacher and TA, songs and games, column method, jotting down, paper and pencil.

Lovely to see the children are working at home on their maths with parents, keep it up.

When asked out of 10 how they thought about Maths:

The majority of the pupils asked answered 9 or 10. Those that answered lower said that whilst they learnt lots in their lessons and they knew the importance of Maths it wasn’t their favourite subject.

Where are your Maths targets:

All were able to answer in the front of their books, brilliant.

The last question was in one word to sum up their thoughts about Maths as a subject:

Epic, great, amazing, fantastic, good, brilliant, awesome, useful, challenging, fun, exciting, don’t enjoy it, the best ever.

So many positive words, wonderful.

It was lovely to spend time talking to the children about Maths and to hear them speak so positively about the subject across the school. They enjoyed the opportunity to be heard and were keen to speak to me.  The children and all the staff at Barningham work very hard to ensure learning is fun and from this feedback this seems to be the case.  Keep it up.

Mrs Fairlie

Maths Coordinator

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