Aims and Vision

At Barningham CEVCP, our vision is to shape the children of tomorrow by helping them to grow in faith, grow in their learning and to grow their future world. When designing and shaping our curriculum, this vision has been at the heart of what we are striving to achieve for our pupils. We aim to inspire our children to be life-long learners and as a Christian school, to be guided by the example that Jesus set in how to be courageous citizens who will make the future world a better place.

Our curriculum is therefore designed to be ambitious, as this is one of our core values. Subject leaders work with other leaders to devise curriculum promises, ambitious goals that they aim for children to achieve by the time they leave year 6 and into their future. These are subject specific and are built on the aims laid out in the National Curriculum. You can find these promises on each of the subject pages of the website.

Each unit of work is summarised into a fertile question, a key question that the unit is built on that all children should be able to answer by the end of the unit of work. Indiviual lessons are then formed into smaller key questions to be answered so that they can use this knowledge to eventually answer the main fertile question.

Our units of work have been sequenced to build on prior knowledge and to make links between lessons, units as well as other subjects. This section of our website is currently being updated. We look forward to being able to share with you our curriculum for each subject area in the coming weeks.

Have a look at our subject pages to find out more!