Early Help

Early Help Offer

What is Early Help?

Early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life, from the foundation years through to the teenage years.

Day to Day Support

Most families, most of the time, can get on with their lives quite happily with little or no outside help. If they need help it is usually provided by universal services, such as schools.

At Barningham CEVCP, we understand how complicated family life can be at times and there may be situations where you or your child need extra help and support. If there are any problems at home, please come and talk to the class teacher or any other member of staff who you feel comfortable talking to. We have an offer of early help and there may be ways in which we can help.

What types of early help is on offer at Barningham CEVCP?

There are lots of different ways that school can help you and your child when problems arise. These move through three waves:

  • Wave 1: In school support
  • Wave 2: Home & School Liaison
  • Wave 3: External Agency Support

For a breakdown of the types of ways we can help, click on this link that summarises our Early Help Offer.

Who can I talk to?

You can talk to any member of staff, whoever you feel comfortable speaking to. They will feed back to the relevant member of staff who can support you further. Key members of staff involved in our Early Help Offer can be found below:

  • Mrs Kate Shelton: Emotional Literacy Support Assistant & Alternate Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr Gary Rolfe: Online Safety Lead
  • Miss Sally Garland: Mental Health Senior Leader
  • Mrs Janine Fairlie: Alternate Safeguarding Lead & Educational Visits Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs Lynn Orchard: SENDCO & Mental Health First Aider
  • Miss Stephany Hunter: Safeguarding Lead & leader on Early Help referrals (CAFs)
  • Mrs Dawn Pipe: Alternate Safeguarding Lead

For more detailed information about our safeguarding procedures in school, click here.