Exam Results

At the end of Year 6, children sit their KS2 SATs. Due to COVID 19, these exams were cancelled in 2020 and 2021. As a school, we have worked really hard to close the gap that school closures and lockdowns led to.

We are really pleased to announce that despite the challenges of COVID, our children sat their exams in May 2022 and their results were as follows:

End of KS2 2022

  • Reading 80% expected standard (National pass rate 74%)
  • Writing 73% expected standard (National pass rate 69%)
  • Maths 80% expected standard(National pass rate 71%)
  • Combined subjects – 67% pass (National pass rate 59%)

This data will not be published on league tables this year but we are so proud of all the achievements of our Year 6s that we wanted to share and celebrate their achievements. We are also proud of the pupils who reached the greater depth standard as follows:

  • Reading 33% greater depth standard
  • Writing 20% greater depth standard
  • Maths 20% greater depth standard
  • Combined subjects – 13% greater depth standard

The latest published exam results for end of KS2 was in 2019. These results can be viewed here.