Our Vision at Barningham CEVC Primary School

We inspire the children to become life-long learners; to serve the community, to care for the environment and to be curious about the wider world. Through our Christian values, we champion diversity and inclusivity to ensure all children have the opportunity to grow and become confident citizens equipped for the ever-changing world.

Through science education, children can become critical thinkers and problem solvers – skills that can be applied in many other areas of learning and essential for the world of work. We have designed and implemented schemes of learning that offer breadth and depth, respect the National Curriculum and build progressively across the Key Stages; lesson-by-lesson, unit-by-unit. These are drawn from Developing Experts units, providing a basis for in class lessons and giving the children opportunities to consolidate their learning at home too.

Our Promises

In science at Barningham CEVC Primary, we promise that all children:

  • will be exposed to the vital uses and implications of science, today and for the future;
  • will be able to enquire about the World around them and identify the three science disciplines (biology, chemistry and physics) that will help them to seek their answers;
  • will develop a sense of curiosity and excitement when exploring and investigating scientific concepts;
  • will understand and discuss the impact of scientific research from a diverse range of scientists.

Our core values

To be ambitious, to be kind and to give

During their science work, using the Developing Expert examples, children will be exposed to many different careers in the areas of study and this will widen their knowledge of the possibilities for their own futures and inspire them to be ambitious when studying science. In all key stages, children will learn about the environment, habitats and the human body, encouraging them to understand the importance of respecting these and the impact they can have on habitats.

Where we grow in faith, grow in learning and grow our future world

Growth is a key concept at Barningham CEVC Primary School (with the Parable of the Sower being our linked Bible story). In science, this is explored in several units, across all Key Stages, particularly growth of humans, animal life cycles and plants. Every unit allows growth in our learning too, with concepts being built on and developed or increased in complexity over the sequence of lessons. Our science curriculum has also included opportunities for the children to explore the habitats and environment around them, consider ways they can look after this and identify the impact that our choices can have on the environment and therefore our future world.

What should science look like at Barningham CEVC Primary?
  • Fertile questions are used at the beginning of each unit and enquiry questions (known as key questions) set as learning objectives for each session.
  • A knowledge organiser is used to show key vocabulary for units.
  • At the beginning of the session, children will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about the key question.
  • Key scientific vocabulary will be shared for the lesson.
  • A range of methods will be used for recording understanding of scientific concepts throughout a unit to allow all children to have opportunities to display their scientific understanding.
  • At the end of the session, children will reflect on the enquiry question, this could be verbally or written.
  • At the end of the unit, children will reflect on the fertile question and consider all they have learned through the unit.