Our Vision at Barningham CEVC Primary School

We inspire the children to become life-long learners; to serve the community, to care for the environment and to be curious about the wider world. Through our Christian values, we champion diversity and inclusivity to ensure all children have the opportunity to grow and become confident citizens equipped for the ever-changing world.

Through our writing curriculum, we focus on ensuring every child is equipped with the high standards of writing skills required for life and beyond. Through the use of The Write Stuff, children will learn the value of spoken language and how this underpins the development of their writing skills. They will be taught through live modelling and supported writing. In addition, children will be taught to plan, revise and evaluate their writing. Teaching is sequenced progressively throughout their time at school as well as in each year group, to ensure that skills are being revisited, embedded and built upon. We ensure that the children are exposed to quality texts that contain a variety of language as well as a breadth of genres.

Our Writing Promises

At Barningham CEVC Primary, we promise that all children:

  • will be exposed to a wide variety of text types;
  • will explore language and vocabulary;
  • will learn the grammar and punctuation skills need to be good writers;
  • will value the importance of editing.

Our core values

To be ambitious, to be kind and to give

During their writing lessons, using The Write Stuff model, children will be exposed to a wide range of text types as well as quality text which will introduce children to new vocabulary. Our writing curriculum is ambitious, we teach children to be independent writers, to apply the writing skills they have learnt in their lessons as well as explore vocabulary. We spend time discussing and sharing our ideas and providing our peers with constructive feedback to support their learning.

Where we grow in faith, grow in learning and grow our future world

Growth is a key concept at Barningham CEVC Primary School (with the Parable of the Sower being our linked Bible story). In our writing lessons, we grow our learning through our high expectations and ambitious curriculum. By exposing the children to a varied range of texts we support our children to grow in their understanding of the World. We choose texts that consider pollution and climate change as well as texts from other cultures.

What should writing look like at Barningham CEVC Primary?
  • Following The Write Stuff approach we teach our children through a series of plot points, that build upon skills and slowly explore and reveal a story or non-fiction text.
  • The children also take part in experience days where they spend time exploring and acting scenarios that support their writing and vocabulary.
  • They spend time each lesson learning and discussing new vocabulary as well as the application of punctuation and grammar.
  • Each lesson, your child will be exposed to modelled sentences and will be given the tools to make these sentences their own.
  • At the end of a unit, the children will carry out an independent piece of writing linked to their previous lessons, where they can apply the skills they have learnt using success criteria to ensure they are meeting the National Curriculum expectations.
  • At the end of the independent write, children will learn the importance of editing and will edit both their own work as well as their peers writing.
  • They will have the opportunity to publish their writing in class books.