As a school we pride ourselves in serving our pupils, parents, staff and community. However, on occasion where we have not been able to meet these high standards, we have a complaints procedure that the school follows.

Firstly, complaints will be handled informally and will be part of the day to day management of the school. This can be done in the following ways and will depend on the nature of the concern:

  • Talking with your child’s class teacher or teaching assistant
  • Talking with members of the school office
  • Talking with staff on gate duty
  • Talking with a member of the senior team

All members of staff will feedback concerns to the headteacher where necessary. The headteacher and school staff will then normally deal with specific complaints in an informal manner and resolve them quickly, sensitively and to the satisfaction of the complainant.

You can also contact the school via 01359 221 297 or and put the name of the member of staff you wish to talk to in the subject line.

Please refer to our complaints policy for further information and for the procedure of how complaints are managed at Barningham CEVCP.