Vision & Values

To grow in faith, grow in our learning and grow our future world

Through the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-20), we aim to teach children that if they have good ‘soil’, where they hear the message of God and live it in their lives, they will be able to grow and flourish, equipped for their future world.

Our Vision

To inspire life long learners; guided by the example of Jesus

We inspire the children to become life-long learners; to serve the community, to care for the environment and to be curious about the wider world. Through our Christian values, we champion diversity and inclusivity to ensure all children have the opportunity to grow and become confident citizens equipped for the ever-changing world.

Our Core Values

To enable us to succeed in our vision, we have three core values that move from the individual, to the school and to the world.

To be ambitious, to be kind and to give.

We teach the Christian values through these overarching values to ensure all children reach their potential and are prepared to make a difference to their world.

to be ambitious


to be kind


to give


Our Context

We are a small rural village school set in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk. Our school logo is of an acorn and an oak tree, representing the meeting place that our Anglo-Saxon ancestors would regularly use as an ‘outdoor moot’; a place where locals from surrounding villages would come together as a community. This concept of community is at the heart of our vision, how we serve one another and how we care for the beauty of the world that surrounds us; protecting it for future generations.

We are ambitious and create life-long learners, by ensuring that children excel through strong teaching; enabling them to reach their full potential. We ensure that children have the solid foundation and strong roots created in primary school to prepare all pupils for their next stage of education whilst creating opportunities and memories that they will take with them in their future.

As a Church of England VC School, we are rooted in the teachings of the Parable of the Sower – in particular the focus on having good soil by listening and acting on the message of God. This teaches children how to be the ‘ambitious citizens’ for the future, regardless of their own individual faith. Faith to us means faith in ourselves, faith in our world and for Christians, faith in our God. Our school song, ‘Change the World’ by Andrew & Josh Rayner is a true reflection of what we want to achieve as a school. You can listen to the song here > and read the lyrics to this song here >.

We serve a community that is predominantly white British and so embracing diversity is key to ensuring children know about the wider world including other faiths, cultures and beliefs. We also serve a wide range of pupils including pupils with special educational needs, pupils of different faiths, as well as service families and so championing inclusion is integral to ensuring all pupils belong and are welcomed throughout their school journey with us.