Physical Education

Our Vision at Barningham CEVC Primary School

We inspire the children to become life-long learners; to serve the community, to care for the environment and to be curious about the wider world. Through our Christian values, we champion diversity and inclusivity to ensure all children have the opportunity to grow and become confident citizens equipped for the ever-changing world.

In physical education, children learn through progressive activities that are designed to inspire and engage your pupils, allowing them to explore and develop skills and embed knowledge. Activities cover the breadth of the curriculum and include gymnastics, dance and yoga, as well as more traditional games such as tag rugby, cricket and tennis. We use the GetSet4PE programme to enhance our PE & Sports provision at Barningham CEVCP. You can find more information about this here:

Our Promises

In P.E. at Barningham CEVC Primary, we promise that all children:

  • will be encouraged to be active, during lessons as well as break times, lunchtimes, and daily active times.
  • will have opportunities to attend school sports clubs and activities.
  • will have the opportunity to learn to swim before leaving school.
  • will learn key skills and content through progressive PE lessons to help them to develop further.
  • will have the opportunity to compete in competitive sporting events

Our core values

To be ambitious, to be kind and to give

During P.E. we are stiving for excellence and encouraging the children to be the best they can be. We encourage the children to be resilient and ambitious, to aim high to achieve their best. In sport, we celebrate teamwork and friendship, where pupils show encouragement and kindness towards others’ achievements. Pupils learn to give respect in many ways. Respect towards themselves and to others, to opponents, the rules, the environment and to inspirational athletes.

Where we grow in faith, grow in learning and grow our future world

Growth is a key concept at Barningham CEVC Primary School (with the Parable of the Sower being our linked Bible story). Through P.E. and competing in sport, pupils will need courage and determination to become the best they can be, to grow in faith. They have opportunities to learn about their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as different sports which they may explore later. Pupils can inspire a younger generation and make sport inclusive, molding their future world.

What should PE look like at Barningham CEVC Primary?

• P.E. will be taught by teachers and coaches
• Fundamental skills are taught before moving onto discrete sports
• Swimming lessons are taught to KS2
• P.E. encourages pupils and families to be active at home and school
• We provide opportunities to explore different activities/sports such as, balance bikes and archery.

Long Term Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is in a year A and year B cycle as we have mixed ages within our classes. Click here to find out what is covered in each of our classes during Year A and Year B.

PE & Sports Premium Funding

The PE and sport premium can help primary schools to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of the PE, physical activity and sport offered through their core budgets. Each school is given a grant to support this. It is allocated directly to schools, so they have the flexibility to use it in the way that works best for their pupils. To find out more about how we at Barningham CEVCP use this grant, click here.